A new look at your data

The platform that let’s you connect and explore all your data. See information in a new context to uncover hidden risks and new insights.

Connect to any data source in seconds

Convier does not require you to copy or move any of your data. We retrieve the data directly from where it is, and never store them anywhere else. Have Convier setup and ready with your data in a matter of days.

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View all relevant data through a single window

Combine data from multiple data sources into a unified view to see the full picture. Allow each user to customize their own view to fit their needs.

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Automatic risk indicators

Let the platform perform the manual routine checks

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Explore relationships between data

Visualize how data is connected across data systems and sources

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Collaborate and share findings without ever leaving the platform

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Report your findings back to any existing data system

Convier can write information back to any data source, whether it is a spreadsheet or a CRM system

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Increase in retention
User base growth

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